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beauty editor

Beauty Editor
St. Tropez Spray Tan Review

"...I felt like I had a naturally golden, sun-kissed look."
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Linton Drummond

Linton Drummond
Smooth Skin

"My skin has never been smoother, my pores never looked smaller."
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The O List

The O List
Sacred Nature Bio-Certified Body Butter

As seen in The O List Special Makeover Edition
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Global News

Global News, May 26 2011
St. Tropez Spray Tanning

Spray tanning has become increasingly popular with celebrities and tv shows like Dancing with the Stars. Visit Axi spa today to get your celebrity quality tan!
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Yelp Reviews, May 20 2011
5/5 stars!

The best facial I have had in a long time. Staff was professional and welcoming. The spa is clean and relaxing. The aesthetician was knowledgable and kind, she gave me great advise and I changed my skin routine and now my skin feels and looks fantastic -even without makeup!! After my facial at AXIspa my face felt refreshed and girl friends asked me what I had been using as skinned looked great.
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Toronto Star

The Toronto Star, May 20 2011
By Leanne Delap

Living Columnist Leanne Delap talks about "Where to get your glow on". Leanne visits Axispa and describes her spray-tanning experience and its benefits.
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Toronto Star

The Toronto Star, May 13 2011
By Leanne Delap

Energize both mind and body with no impact to the environment at Axispa! Leanne explains...
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Wayspa, July 9 2010

The staff is friendly, experienced and warm. After a day in my shoes and dealing with what the City has thrown at me, it is comforting to know when I visit Axi I will completely forget my worries if only for a little while. If I was a millionaire, I would have an addition made on the back end of the spa where I would never work, just get treatments, hang out with the staff and eat every meal at "Creme" (the restaurant next door). I would be relaxed, beautiful and most likely heavy set, due to the mass amounts of carbs I would intake. Life would be grand.
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Toronto Life

Toronto Life, 2008-2011 Shopping Edition

Anyone who can turn a Brazilian wax into a pleasant experience deserves a gold medal. Beloved aesthetician Lorraine Hamilton's artistry and skill have led to a loyal following.

Flare Mag

Flare Magazine, May 2008 (Page 96)
Q & A: How do I prevent in-grown hairs?

If the hair has been broken or pulled the wrong way, the follicle can fall back in on itself and end up on a slant, says aesthetician Lorraine Hamilton...it's cheaper and more effective to leave your next wax job to a fearless and experienced hand.

Flare Magazine, May 2008 (Page 98)
Q & A: Should I wax, thread, bleach or pluck my facial hair?

Before you take it all off, says Hamilton, consult an expert to determine why you have facial hair growth...you might want to invest in laser hair removal for larger areas and electrolysis to clean up the strays.

Fashion Mag

Fashion Magazine, May 2008 (Page 216)

Aesthetician, Lorraine Hamilton...A self-professed "perfectionist" when it comes to abolishing every last hair, she's also committed to keeping germs at bay by never double-dipping.