axi the spa Treatments.

Rest assured that the highest level of sanitation is being practiced.


Wedding Package

The perfect preparation for any bride to be, to ensure she is perfectly groomed and glowing for the big day.

Brightening Facial
Body Glow
Executive Manicure and Pedicure

3 hours / $265

Head to Toe

Great for those with an active lifestyle, participate in sports, or just want to have some time to relax while we work on your needs, Head to Toe.

Deep Cleanse Facial
60-minute Swedish Massage
Ritual Pedicure

3 hours / $275

Organic Retreat

A Fantastic combination of services to improve overall appearance and quality of skin and nails. No polishis used during this manicure, unless pre-arranged when booking appointment.

Organic Full Body Treatment
Organic Facial
Organic Manicure

2 hours / $168


Allow yourself to be taken care of. Enjoy a combination of two of the most hydrating and refreshing AXIspa Services and finish your day with an application of Jane Iredale mineral Make up for day or evening looks.

Anti-Aging Facial
D-Age Body Treatment
Jane Iredale Basic Application

3 hours / $350

Jane Iredale Mineral makeup is safe for application after most face and body services. It is Eco-Certified, contains an SPF, and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation


Focusing on Hydration and visible results, with a hint of relaxation, this is a great package for men or women who want a taste of everything.

Hydramemory Hydrating Facial
Hydrating Back Treatment
60-minute Hot Stone Therapy

3 hours / $340

All Times are approximate and not guaranteed.

Prices do not include Tax.

Any changes to packages must be made with the Spa Concierge at time of booking, additional charges may apply.

Organic Menu

Sacred Nature Organic Face and Body Treatment
Sacred Nature is an anti-aging treatment Hydrating full body and face treatment which is nourishing and protective with products which have been formulated according to ecocert® and organic guidelines, offering a natural treatment indicated for all skins, including even the most sensitive. Consisting of a full body and face cleanse, exfoliation and massage and finished with a facial mask each treatment, detoxifies, nourishes and protects the skin in a pleasant and embracing ritual.

1 hour 15 mins / $152

Sacred Nature Organic Facial
axi the spa has also created a facial version of the full body and face experience. This nourishing Facial which protects the skin against environmental aggression, and aging of the skin, is suitable for all skin types it is also naturally formulated according to organic and ecocert® guidelines. The facial consists of a cleanse exfoliation and mask, and will leave the skin feeling hydrated and nourished before returning to fight the daily elements.

45 mins / $100

Organic Retreat
axi the spa combined our organic services to create a fantastic combination of Organic services to improve overall appearance and quality of skin and nails. This package includes: The Organic Full Body Treatment, The Organic Facial, and The Organic Manicure.

2 Hours / $168

Organic Manicure (no polish)

45 mins / $48

Organic Pedicure (no polish)

1 hour / $74


RMT Massage
A precise full body massage (available upon request) focused on realigning muscles to their natural equilibrium. A receipt will be provided to you for insurance purposes.

Discover the many benefits of RMT massages!

1 hour / $125
75 mins / $145
90 mins / $175

Registered Massage Therapist
available upon request

Please note that a receipt cannot be issued if a client is paying by giftcard.

Hot Stone Therapy
Used in conjunction with Swedish massage, it encourages deep relaxation of the mind and body throughout the use of warm basalt stones.

1 hour / $115
90 mins / $152

Swedish Massage
Relaxes aching muscles to reduce stress and fatigue. Aids in the elimination of toxins.

45 mins / $89
1 hour / $110
90 mins / $147

Optional Massage Enhancements

  • D-Age Cream - $11
  • Organic Oil - $11
  • Tranquility Scent - $11


Purifying Back Treatment
This treatment eliminates oils and reduces acneic conditions.

1 hour / $115

Hydrating Back Treatment
This treatment deeply restores hydration and returns skin to a firm and supple appearance.

1 hour / $121

Illuminating Back Treatment
This treatment evens skin tone, leaving the skin with a subtle, shimmering glow. Great for special occasions.

1 hour / $126

Body Glow
A full body peel which promotes cellular turnover and deep tissue nourishment, leaving the skin toned and glowing.

45 mins / $85

Monticelli Mud Wrap
Detoxifying and energizing treatment which decongests and drains the body of its toxins.

1 hour 15 mins / $126

Revitalizing Mud Wrap
A draining action encourages the elimination of toxins and revitalizes metabolism.

1 hour 15 mins / $142

Body Strategist Treatment
Discover axi the spa's body services and home care regime to target cellulite anywhere on your body. Smooth and tone your skin while visibly treating and reducing the signs of any cellulite type.

Anti-Cellulite: 1 hour 30 mins / $168

Bust Treatment: 30mins / $53

D-Age Body Therapy
This treatment counteracts the effects of aging on the body. Free radicals are eliminated, leaving skin with increased firmness and a youthful glow.

1 hour 15 mins / $205

Vital Leg Therapy
Reduces fluid retention, rebalances and improves circulation. One of two therapies will be selected based on the client's specific needs.

1 hour / $90

St. Tropez Body Bronzing
Get an instant bronzed summer glow without the UV rays, wrinkles and sun damage.

1 hour / $105

St. Tropez Touch Up
15 mins / $35

Sacred Nature Organic Face & Body Treatment
75 mins / $152

Time varies / Available from $32 - call for more details

    Optional Body Enhancements

    Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage
    Perfect to relax you before or after any body treatment. This treatment can be added onto any of the above treatments, or can be done alone.

    30 mins / $50


    D-Age Cream - $11
    Organic Oil - $11
    Tranquility Scent - $11


Active Pureness - Deep Cleanse Facial
Works to restore equilibrium to imbalanced skin. This treatment includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, facial massage and mask.

1 hour / $121

Skin Resonance Soothing Facial
Restores fragile, sensitive skin prone to redness and broken capillaries. This treatment strengthens the skins structure with gentle, soothing ingredients.

1 hour / $142

Hydramemory (Hydrating) Facial
Achieves exceptional moisture and hydration for particularly dehydrated skin. Reduces the signs of aging.

1 hour / $136

Absolute Pearl Facial
Illuminating anti age treatment with whitening action. Excellent for hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tones.

1 hour / $152

Anti-Aging Facial
Restores elasticity and neutralizes free radicals in skin. Reduces the signs of aging.

1 hour / $157

Maintenance Facial
A deep cleansing treatment designed to help maintain balanced skin. Perfect for that "in-between" facial or teens.

45 mins / $89

Sacred Nature Organic Facial
A nourishing Facial which protects the skin against environmental aggression and aging skin. Suitable for all skin types. This Facial is naturally formulated according to eco-certification guidelines.

1 hour / $100

Glorious Skin Facial
Lifting mask, which softens expression lines. Restores elasticity and neutralizes free radicals in skin. Reduces the signs of aging.

1 hour / $160

Skin Regimen
Comfort Zone's latest clinical facial, designed to correct and protect aging, lifeless skin. Uses signature techniques to promote physical activity in your skin and includes a targeted mask to renew and resurface.

30 mins / $125
60 mins /$175

Optional Facial Enhancements

Algae Deep Cleanse Treatment
Marine algae deeply purifies and re-mineralizes acne prone skin.

15 mins / $27

Chrono-Reverser Treatment
This Alpha-Hydroxy acids treatment effectively improves the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and superficial acne scars.

Delicate: 15 mins / $25
Intensive: 15 mins / $30

Water Source Collagen Treatment
A combination of natural collagen with mineral salts gives deep hydration and renewed elasticity.

15 mins / $42

Anti Aging Collagen Treatment
Lifeless tissues are firmed for a youthful, radiant look with AHA's and 100% natural collagen.

15 mins / $58

Eye Therapy Treatment
Reduces puffiness, darkness and tightens the delicate skin of the eye area.

15 mins / $20

Shoulder, Neck and Back Massage
Perfect to relax you before your facial.

30 mins / $50

Paraffin Therapy Treatment
Perfect Sense Paraffin Treatment can be applied to hands or feet during any Facial treatment.

15 mins / $16

Ear Candling

1 hour / $73


Brow: 15 mins / $26
Lash: 30 mins / $32
Lash & Brow: 45 mins / $48

Medical Facials

Primary Clarifying Facial
A basic deep pore cleansing treatment with steam and extractions and corrective mask.

1 hour / $125

Primary Renewing Facial
Stimulate cell renewal and replace lipid loss to maintain moisture balance necessary for age defying skin.

1 hour / $130

Primary Brightening Facial
Cleans and brightens skin associated with uneven skin tones.

1 hour / $130

Primary Soothing Facial
Calms soothes inflammatory skin reactions and reduces redness.

1 hour / $130


Applied to the skin, enzymes react with the natural proteins to dissolve dead cell debris working as a gentle peeling agent. Our enzyme peels promote exfoliation, hydration and protect skin cells.

C+ Enzyme Peel
Combats hyper-pigmentation and activates cell turnover, releasing cells thatcontain abnormal amounts of pigment.

30 mins / $94

Pumpkin Enzyme Peel
Combats blackheads, whiteheads, acne and oily skin by effectively exfoliating the surface dead skin cells and reducing the thickness of problematic skin.

30 mins / $94

Herbal Enzyme Peel
Combats rosacea, inflammation, redness and sensitive skin by gently removing dead skin cells and hydrating new, healthy cells.

30 mins / $94

Infusion Facials

Infusion Facials incorporate both enzyme peels and "cosmeceutical" grade products that contain the highest concentration of active ingredients without a prescription. Promotes water retention, suppresses acne-causing bacteria and calms inflammation.

Purchase a series of 6 Infusion Facials for the price of 5!

Brightening Infusion Facial
Helps to prevent and alleviate the appearance of pigmentation and neutralise free radicals in all skin types.

1 hour / $168

Clarifying Infusion Facial
Detoxifies the skin, normalizing oil production and supresses bacteria which may cause acne or sensitivities in the skin.

1 hour / $168

Renewing Infusion Facial
A potent nourishing and hydrating system which supports cellular renewal and offsets hormonal changes associated with ageing skin.

1 hour / $168

Soothing Infusion Facial
Diffuses redness and calms inflammatory responses in sensitive skin.

1 hour / $168

For optimal results, facial peels are suggested in a series with home care.

Facial Peels

Glycolic Facial Peel
One of the most effective ways to rejuvenate the skin. Derived from sugar cane, glycolic acid can refine the skin, promote hydration and is recommended for all skin types.

30 mins / $110

Salicylic Facial Peel
Extracted from Wintergreen, Salicylic acid is used to control bacteria and oil production in excessively oily and acne prone skin.

30 mins / $110

Lactic Facial Peel
A natural acid occurring in milk, Lactic acid work as a gentle peel to improve hydration levels in dry skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

30 mins / $110

Jessner Peel (includes a post peel enzyme treatment)
A Jessner peel is a chemical cosmetic peeling treatment used to superficially exfoliate the skin. The active solution assists in reducing acne scarring, diminishing blackheads, smoothing superficial wrinkles and lightening skin pigment disorders.

30 mins / $325

TCA Peel (includes a post peel enzyme treatment)
Trichloractetic acid is a peeling agent that can be used to treat a wide range of age related skin conditions like pigment disorders, photo-agedskin, fine lines, acne scarring and thick uneven textured skin.

30 mins / $380

A+ Peel
Accellerates new cell growth, boasts the connective tissue and improves the skin moisture. Suitable for mature skins.

30 mins / $110

Hands and Feet

All manicures include cuticle work, filing, shaping, polish and buffing (if desired).

Executive Manicure
30 mins / $30

Ritual Manicure
45 mins / $40

Organic Manicure
45 mins / $48


All pedicures include an exfoliating scrub as well as a hot towel wrap with essential oils.

Executive Pedicure
45 mins / $50

Ritual Pedicure
1 hour / $65

Organic Pedicure
1 hour / $74

Manicure & Pedicure Packages
Ritual Manicure and Pedicure
1 hour 45 mins / $95

Hands & Feet Series Packages

Purchase 6 manicures for the price of 5.
Purchase 6 pedicures for the price of 5.

All manicures or pedicures within the series must be the same.

Optional NAIL Enhancements

French Polish

15 mins / $15

Microdermabrasion for hands

15 mins / $40

Vital Leg Therapy Cream Gel

15 mins / $25

Callous Treatment

15 mins / $10

Qtica upgrade

15 mins / $5

Organic Waxing

axi the spa pays special attention to ingrown hair removal and prevention with our pre and post wax care.


45mins $63


30mins $40


45mins $80

Brow Design

30mins $29


45mins $63


15mins $24


15mins $20


30mins $55


45mins $53

Full Arm

45mins $47

Full Leg

1hr $68

Half Arm

30mins $37

Half Leg

30mins $47

Full Leg & Bikini

1hr30min $95

Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm

1hr15mins $95


15mins $26

Upper/Lower Lip

15mins $21

Hardwax upgrade
Sugaring upgrade



Deep exfoliating treatment using diamond crystals to safely and effectively slough off dead, dull skin. Famous for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, blemishes and acne scarring by boosting skin renewal. Leaves skin soft and bright with a youthful glow.

Hands only

15 mins / $40

Face & Body

30 mins / $80
45 mins / $120
1 hour / $160

For a first-time microdermabrasion service, axi the spa recommends the Deep Cleanse Facial in addition to your treatment.

Deep Cleanse with Microdermabrasion

75 mins / $185