Connect beauty, body & mind at axi the spa.

Below is a guide we have prepared for you to begin your experience at axi the spa!

What defines Axi?

Innovative luxury and relaxation with integrity. We don’t just believe in high standards, we live by them, we apply them to every element of our service from the moment we answer your call to the moment we change the bed sheets and clean our tools after your treatment. To give you the best, we combine relaxation with results, natural with medical. Our international estheticians receive meticulous training and work with exceptionally crafted products to provide you with a tailor made treatment, individual to you and your needs. The spa industry is forever changing with new technologies and ingredients; we pride ourselves on being ahead of the game. Come visit us to see what we can do.

Booking your appointment

  • Remember to book extra time between services if desired,
  • and to inform us of any health concerns.

  • Our reception team is available at:
  • 416.923.4772 or

  • Please check in to the reception desk 15 minutes
    prior to your appointment.

Before you arrive

  • Our spa features a serene lounge overlooking the bustle of Yorkville.

  • Please check in to the reception desk 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will give you time to enjoy a complimentary beverage and browse through our collection of wellness and lifestyle books.

  • Service time will be reduced for late arrivals to ensure following guests are not delayed.

  • If you are getting to us via car and having any service over $50, axi the spa will cover your parking providing you park at the Green P Carpark on 37 Yorkville Avenue (Click here for Location and Information).

Sanitation standards

    At axi the spa, we believe in creating an environment
  • in which our clients can rest assured that the
  • highest level of sanitation is being practiced.

  • Manicure and pedicure services

    • Fresh towels are used for each client.

    • All metal implements are individually
      wrapped and sterilized in an autoclave.

    • All non-metal implements are sterilized
      in Cavacide, which is a medical grade

    • Our pedicure bowls are specially
      formulated to kill bacteria.

    • All manicure and pedicure bowls
      are sterilized after each use.

    • Every manicure and pedicure
      station is sterilized after each use.

    Waxing services

    • We practice single use wax applications.
      No double dipping.

    • Each client receives a pair of disposable

    • Fresh examination paper is used for each client.

    • All metal implements are individually
      wrapped and sterilized in an autoclave.

    • Every station is sanitized after each use.

    Facials, body treatment, and massage

    • Linens and towels are changed after each service.

    • All face and body products are dispensed with sanitary
      scoops and pumps for each individual client.

    • Disposable face covers are used to cover face cradles
      which are used in body treatments and massages.

    • All equipment is sterilized after each use.

    • All rooms are sterilized after each service.

For your comfort

  • Robes and slippers are provided, as well as disposable undergarments for body treatments.

  • You are welcome to wear a bathing suit for body treatments; however, we are not responsible for any soiling which may occur.

  • Service time will be reduced for late arrivals to ensure following guests are not delayed.

Product Information

  • comfort zone

  • The brand is dedicated to a total approach to beauty; for every aspect of life. From the most effective products to incredible sensorial experiences through treatments, music, teas, and ambience, [ comfort zone ] is truly a global lifestyle brand.

  • They incorporate many cultural approaches through an international team of chemists, dermatologists and educators. In every product, treatment and ambience accessory we touch you on an emotional level. Creating an experience that relaxes, pampers and rebalances. Research and development dedicated to lifestyle and skin condition based on the highest quality ingredients coupled with cutting edge delivery systems and innovative ingredients. The simplicity and richness of our packaging and our presentation lends itself to sleek, Italian design. Based on clean, simple lines, the concept is simplicity and elegance. A commitment to research, education and a dedication to innovative development, [ comfort zone ] offers the best of multi-sensorial experience rituals as well as results oriented treatments and home care. Characterized by a shared value in ethical sustainable development, it offers products that respect the environment: they are all produced with renewable energy.

  • Incorporating the best of many cultures around the world we can offer different types of therapy; marine, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and bio-technology, allowing us to meet the need of every skin type, condition and lifestyle. [ comfort zone ] offers every aspect of care and experience for the client through touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight. We have the total experience available with the best treatments, massage, home care, beautiful music, teas and ambience products to continue the experience at home.


  • dermed

  • We offer an extensive line of cosmeceutical skin and body care products containing the highest concentration of active ingredients >available without a prescription.

  • Years of research and study with chemists went into the creation of these quality, natural corrective formulations for the treatment of photo-aging (fine lines and wrinkles), hyper- pigmentation (brown spots), acne (black-heads, pimples, pustules) and sensitive skin (rosecea).

  • Institut' DERMed products are an extensive line of cosmeceutical skin and body care products using Chiral technology, an advanced process that isolates molecules to better fit skin cell receptor sites for increased product penetration and effectiveness. Expect to see immediate, visible improvements in your skin's condition giving you more confidence in your appearance.


  • Qtica

  • We pledge to provide a product line that has the utmost integrity and the ability to enhance the lives of women through its effectiveness, simplicity and beauty.

  • The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That's why everything we develop is a true extension of skin care. Our makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it's a new technology. It's so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.

  • All Jane Iredale products provide protection from both UVA and UVB rays and are formulated with chemical-free sunscreen actives. As well, our makeup is non-comedogenic (doesn't block pores). Mineral particles form a protective barrier on the skin that allows it to breathe and function normally. And the only oils we use in our formulas are in products that help condition the skin.

  • Explore our line of natural, long-wearing mineral foundations that nourish and protect your skin while showing your most even, fresh complexion. All created in different formulations to suit your needs, and in shades to flatter a wide range of skin tones. It's like therapy for your skin.

  • St.Tropez

  • Our extensive range of high performance products not only deliver a flawless, safe tan but they’re also crammed with nourishing ingredients designed specifically to improve the tone and condition of your skin. More and more research has shown that sun exposure can damage our skin in a variety of ways. The cumulative effects of sun exposure are very real, causing damage to the actual structure of the skin leading to premature ageing, loss of elasticity, uneven colour and even illness.

  • St. Tropez products work without sun exposure to give you an ultra even, all over tan but they do not contain sun filters. So, if you use St. Tropez to give you a bit of color before you venture out in the sun or just to have a healthy-looking glow for every day, you need to use a sun cream with a high SPF value, every single time.

  • After more than ten years at the forefront of sun-free tanning, we understand what works best for you, as well as staying ahead of the curve on emerging trends and hot new looks. Every product in our expert range is infused with 10 years’ experience of flawless tanning. Each one has been developed with the very latest innovative ingredients, guided by expert insights.
  • With St. Tropez you get exactly the tan you want, first time, every time.

  • Qtica

  • We offer an extensive line of cosmeceutical skin and body care products containing the QTICA Treatments and QTICA Smart Spa – Art of Beauty offers salons and spas superior quality, convenience and incredible value. In the end, however, the company’s commitment to healthy, natural beauty is of the greatest benefit to the millions of women and men who use Art of Beauty products at home and in their favourite salon.

  • Art of Beauty products are featured regularly in top fashion magazines around the world, including Allure, Glamour, InStyle, People StyleWatch, and Marie Claire. They can be purchased in the world’s best salons, spas, and resorts – as well as online at Art of Beauty products are not sold in discount stores or retail chains.


  • Zoya

  • Millions of women around the world know that ZOYA nail lacquers come in more than 300 luscious colors and wear like iron – what they may not know is that they also are completely free of industrial chemicals that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.

  • Unlike other nail lacquers, ZOYA does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate(DBP) or Camphor. Why is this important to consumers? Because the Environmental Working Group, the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association, and the National Cancer Institute have issued cautions and warnings about their potential to cause leukemia, brain cancer, liver damage, skin and respiratory irritation, and reproductive risks such as reduced fetal weight, bone deficiencies and deformities.

  • Formaldehyde has been banned from cosmetic products in Sweden and Japan, while toluene is tagged in the State of California as a “reproductive toxin.”
  • Why risk it?

  • The makers of ZOYA urge women to Be Safe - Be Smart and Be Beautiful. Ask for ZOYA nail lacquers at fine salons and spas.


Privacy and cancellation policy

  • Privacy policy
  • axi the spa adheres to privacy legislation. You are
  • welcome to read our Privacy Policy available on
  • location. For services such as facials and body
  • treatments you will be asked to complete a health
  • form to ensure the most effective and safe
  • treatment possible.

  • Cancellation policy
  • A 24 hour notice is requested to avoid late charges
  • A valid credit card is required to hold appointments.
  • 50% of the value of the service(s) will be charged
  • if 24 hour notice is not given.